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Banyan Tree CSR Strategy

  • Eco-friendly Strategy

    • Banyan Tree reestablished Bang Tao Bay used to be little more than a ruin into Laguna Phuket of today. Reestablishment project of Bang Tao Bay is the beginning of sustainable eco-friendly business of Banyan Tree.
    • To preserve environment where Banyan Tree is located is our mission.
    • We use natural materials for interior design and unique local technique for building.
  • Community support

    • We only use the goods from community where Banyan Tree is located
    • We create job opportunities for local people from the preparation stage.
    • We purchase and use the goods from community.
    • We try to arrange the way of profit generation for community through the partnership with Banyan Tree Gallery.
  • Green Alert fundraising

    • Banyan Tree created Green Alert fundraisingin 2001.
    • Green Alert fundraising is for financial support to restore and revive polluted natural environment and various projects for environment protection under Green Alert fundraising has been currently underway.

CSR History of Banyan Tree Club & Spa Seoul

  • Banyan Tree CSR DayAug 22, 2019

    Banyan Tree Club & Spa Seoul held a 'Samgyetang', Korean traditional soup, donation event that we delivered it to senior citizens at the local community centre on the 22nd of August. We will keep up the good work and continue to grow as a company that coexists with our community by supporting them with various activities.

  • World Food Day CSR ActivityOct 17, 2018

    Banyan Tree Club & Spa Seoul served 230 lunch meal boxed for the local community members on October 17th to support Zero Hunger Campaign.

  • Home Transformation for the ElderlySep 20, 2017

    On the 20th of September, associates of Banyan Tree Club & Spa Seoul held a joint CSR activity with associates of Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency. Our mission was to improve the residential environment of elderly woman living alone with a mentally disordered son. The old woman herself also has dementia which made it difficult for her to take care of her home. The condition was so bad that it received a lot of civil complaints because of its horrible odor. However, with a lot of helping hands, the messy house was cleaned neatly, as if it was never messy at all.

  • Winner of Social Welfare Award Certificate!Sep 15, 2017

    On September 15th, Able Hyundai Hotel & Resorts won the Social Welfare award certificate in celebration of the 18th Social Welfare Day. Banyan Tree Club & Spa Seoul has been contributing to the development of our community through various CSR activities such as annual Wish Tree Event and donation event with our Club Members. We will keep up the good work and continue to grow as a company that coexists with our community by supporting them with various activities.

  • Book Donation for Growing ChildrenAug 7, 2017

    Banyan Tree Club & Spa Seoul held a book donation event at a public orphanage, called ‘Namsanwon’.
    As the age group varies from kindergarteners to high schoolers, we received a list of books that they need and purchased them with our Club Members’ donation. The genres of books we bought were widely ranged from educational books to fairytales for younger children. We hope the books provide a good opportunity for growing “young people” to enjoy essential and useful learning experience.
    Banyan Tree Club & Spa Seoul will continue to support young people in our community for their sustainable growth.

  • Special donation for neighbor childrenJune 16, 2017

    On 6/16, Banyan Tree Club & Spa Seoul presented our Club Members’ special donation to neighbor children at Sungmo Dream Hills Center. Sungmo Dream Hills Center has been well-associated with our property for its loving support and care towards the children. We hope our donation be of kind help to the children who must be filled with great curiosity and desire according to their growth.

  • Bicycles for HopeJune 12, 2017

    On 6/8, Banyan Tree Club & Spa Seoul donated 7 bicycles and safety helmets to an orphanage, called Namsanwon. The budget was provided by our Club Memebers’ donation. We spent time with the children by teaching them how to ride bicycles, and pushed the bicycles for the ones  who struggled. Their smiles were beautiful, indeed. Watching them enjoy their time with the bicycles made us feel great warmth in our hearts, as well. We hope the bicycles guarantee the children’s fulfilling and healthy leisure time.

  • Donation for African ChildrenJune 1, 2017

    On June 1st, UNICEF donation ceremony was held to commemorate the 7th anniversary of the opening of Banyan Tree Club & Spa Seoul. This fund will help to ensure access to quality education for the children in Africa who could not get educated due to poverty. Despite the universal prevalence of primary education, about 124 million children between the ages of 6 and 15 are still not able to receive adequate education. Banyan Tree Club & Spa Seoul is very grateful to support these children's sustainable growth. Banyan Tree Club & Spa Seoul hopes that this fundraising event will provide a better education environment, opportunities for children and will continue to support their sustainable growth.

  • ‘Furniture for Love’ Volunteer May 17, 2017

    On the 17th, associates of Banyan Tree Club & Spa gathered at the Jung-Gu Volunteer Center and conducted CSR activities to make ‘Furniture for Love’. ‘Furniture for Love’ is an activity in which associates purchase furniture, then make and present it to elderly people living alone. This activity was conducted using Club members’ donation from last year's year-end night. After three hours of hard work, associates were able to create a total of ten white, neat drawers. Everything was carefully packed and moved to the dwelling place of the elderly people, and delivered in groups of two. Thanks to the side dishes and bread provided by the Jung-gu Volunteer Center, we were able to deliver nice meals along with the furniture. The recipients showed sincere gratitude by giving drinks and holding hands. Even though we visited the elderly to give them presents, but we were also presented with a day of warmth from them. It was a lovely way to finish our day by offering small happiness to the elders living alone.

  • 2016 Banyantree Wish TreeDecember, 2016

    Banyan Tree Club & Spa Seoul gathered warm hearts once again. Club Members and all associates presented wonderful gifts and warm memories to children at Sungmo Dream Hill through Wish Tree Event.

  • 2016 CSR ActivityNovember 26, 2016

    Banyan Tree CSR Team‘Banhada’ went to make Kimchi with children at Elim Childcare Centre. We managed to make 238kg of Kimchi together, thanks to the Club Members’ donation. With children’s bright laughter, today’s experience was an unforgettably warm memory despite the snowy weather.

  • Banyan Tree Wish Tree 2014December 2014

    Banyan Tree Club & Spa Seoul initiated ‘Wish Tree Project’ event for Community Children Center. Banyan Tree Club Members and all associates presented a surprise Christmas gift for children at Jahaewon.

  • Namsanwon 'Dumpling making'December 2014

    Banyan Tree Club & Spa Seoul hosted ‘Mandoo making’ event for Community Children Center. Children experienced making ‘Mandoo’ and having fun together. For upcoming Christmas season, it would be unforgettable memories for them. Please keep your eyes on our various further events for CSR Activities at Banyan Tree Club & Spa Seoul.

  • Wish Tree ProjectJuly 2014

    On 14 July, Banyan Tree Club & Spa Seoul hosted ‘Wish Tree Project’ event for Community Children Center. We have programmed the event so children can experience Steel Drum Instruments and enjoy activities as well as Oasis BBQ Party.

  • Banyan Tree Wish Tree 2013Nov, Dec 2013

    Banyan Tree Club & Spa Seoul turns the lights on Christmas Tree for children’s warmest winter. We display the Christmas Tree decorated with ‘Wish Card’ of 60 Children at the Club lobby. All Banyan Tree Members and employees will be Santa Clauses and accomplish children’s wish on their wish card.

  • Wish Tree ProjectNov 2013(for 1 year)

    Banyan Tree Club & Spa Seoul initiates ‘Wish Tree Project’ event for Community Children Center. We are planning an ‘Center Improvement program’ to support facilities. Furthermore, ‘Culture Experience Program’ and special surprise events such as Birthday and Christmas will be programmed. Please keep your eyes on our various further events for Wish Tree Project at Banyan Tree Club & Spa Seoul.

  • Kimjang Event to Share LoveNovember 2013

    Club members, employees and chefs had an meaningful ‘Kimjang’ event to make Kimchi on the beginning of Winter, 7th of Nov 2013. Kimchi made on that day was delivered to Jungu Rainbow Community Children Center to share with children in need.

  • Water 4 ChildMay 2013

    In the children's day event in 2013, with Green Umbrella Children's Foundation, Banyan Tree tried to inform of children's difficulties related to water in poor countries and conducted a campaign for clean water support. All contributions will be used for making a well and sanitation training in Sierra Leone, Africa.

  • Young-ok Shin Charity Concert December 2012

    All profits from year-end charity concert with soprano Young-ok Shin has been donated to Korea University medical center for operation fee. Donated goods and contributions from the event for Haitian children with the heart diseases donated to the sick children in Korea University Ansan hospital.

  • Sundukwon Supercar Rally ParadeApril 201

    30-40 Supercar owners with the interests in charitable work participated and held a parade for school fee fundraising for neglected class of children from the hotel to Gwanghawmun. Contributions on the day used for school fee for neglected class of children.

  • Bazaar for flood victims in ThailandNovember 2011

    Youth Philanthropy Network (YPN) of Seoul International School organized and held the bazaar for flood victims in Thailand supported by 20 companies including Banyan Tree Seoul Hotel. All contributions were used up for flood victims in Thailand through Mechai Viravaidya Foundation (MVF), non-profit organization.

  • Sharing Marketplace Opening September 2011

    In sharing marketplace co-hosted with CJ sharing foundations, wish tree making and eco T- shirts making programs was introduced and donated goods from people, companies and groups were sold for profit. All contributions were used for study room support program for neglected class of children.