Spa & Gallery Christmas Gift Set

Show your love to your loved ones with Banyan Tree Spa & Gallery Christmas Gift Set.

Christmas Gift Box

Express gratitude and appreciation with our Christmas Gift Box.

KRW 85,500

Christmas Special Cakes

Mont St. Clair features a collection of holiday cakes in celebration of the Christmas season.

2019 Christmas Eve Party

Banyan Tree Club and Spa Seoul welcomes you to splendid 2019 Christmas Eve Party.

KRW 55,000

Operating The Oasis Ice Rink

Enjoy winter sports at Banyan Tree Ice Rink surrounded by beautiful snow-capped Namsan mountain.

Weekday KRW 17,000 / Weekend&Holiday KRW 29,000

Notice for Mont St. Clair

Mont St. Clair at Banyan Tree Seoul introduces a variety of items

Granum Wedding Dinner @Banyan Tree

Plan your private wedding dinner party on Sunday evening at the Granum Dining Lounge.

From KRW 8,800,000

Spa Package - Royal Banyan

Banyan Tree Spa is offering a spa package 'Royal Banyan' for the autumn season.

KRW 396,000 for Members (20% off)

Caring for the Environment

Take your coffee to go with your own tumbler and enjoy 15% off the price.

Bridal Shower

Celebrate your dear friend's love with 'Bridal Shower' promotion at Festa Dining.

2019-03-01 ~ 2019-12-15

KRW 480,000 (6 people)

Banyan Tree Spa & Gallery special event for staying guests.

We offer 10% discount on Banyan Tree Spa & Gallery for Banyan Tree staying guests.

2019-01-01 ~ 2019-12-31

10% discount on regular price

1st Birthday Party Package

Banyan Tree Club & Spa Seoul offers special benefits for 1st birthday party.

From KRW 4,900,000 for 30 guests

Banyan Tree 'Hyo' Package

Celebrate your parents' special birthday at Banyan Tree Club & Spa Seoul.

From KRW 4,900,000 (for 30 people)

Banyan Tree Gift Card

The Banyan Tree gift card is the smart choice for showing gratitude and appreciation to your VIP.

From KRW 100,000