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Please be with Banyan Tree Wedding for your happiest moment in life and couple's new start.
Banyan Tree Club & Spa Seoul's special service proves its worth on special banquet service for wedding as well. Luxurious wedding and bridal feast in crystal ballroom or outdoor pool Oasis will give you memorable happiness you won't forget ever. Thoughtful and dedicated banquet service in Banyan Tree Club & Spa Seoul for the couple's new start will touch you.
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We offer solicitous service on every detail from the menu selection to the table setting of the wedding day. Wedding menus are carefully selected by our culinary team and all menus could be adjusted upon request.


Flower decoration flattering beautiful bride, Banyan Tree Wedding doesn't allow to have the same concept of flower decorations. Bride and groom will experience customized wedding décor, flower styling, menu, and more.


Honeymoon Accommodation One room night, ‘romantic setup’ service, and breakfast for two
Pickup or Sending Service Pickup or premium sedan sending service
Tasting Service Free food tasting for up to four people
Snack Service for Bride Finger food & sandwich setup at the bride waiting room
Valet Parking Up to 20 free valet parking vouchers are provided for guests
Shuttle Bus Shuttle bus operates to exit #1 of Dongguk Univ. Station
Wedding Stationary Lending all the wedding items such as a marriage declaration, guest book, etc.
Varies by contracts

After Wedding Party

We will arrange an after wedding party to keep your people’s blessings going on.
Benefit Canape & Drinks Price From KRW 88,000 (Minimum guaranteed number of 30 people)

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